Interview With Muskegon Surgical Associates: Lower Cost Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality Care


Quality healthcare doesn’t need to cost more. 

Heathcare costs keep going up, and people are tired of the increases.  

Our mission is to help employers lower the cost of medical care through proactive support and member education. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with outpatient providers like Muskegon Surgical Associates, which has been a Sympl Benefits partner for years. They’ve helped employees save thousands on everything from hernia repair to gallbladder removal. 

Sympl Benefits partner Jay Ofield recently sat down with Dr. Ted Vanderkooi from Muskegon Surgical Associates to understand how the cost of quality care can be significantly reduced.  

Dr. Vanderkooi explained that by cutting out the “middlemen” (e.g., insurance companies, administrative staff, care coordinators, etc.) and working directly with patients, Muskegon Surgical Associates is able to offer much lower cash prices to patients. 

Even though the price is less, the level and quality of care is outstanding. 


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