Lower health insurance costs. Happier employees.

We provide a health insurance solution that meaningfully lowers the price of healthcare for employers and employees.​

Health insurance agents of change.

Our mission is to make healthcare affordable and competitive through price transparency and employee incentives.

How do we reduce health insurance costs?

Our health insurance solution works for employers that are using a self funded model or traditional insurance. We give employers an integrated model that provides support, service, and guidance well beyond your typical strategic plan.
Employees get handpicked healthcare options with better pricing and selection. They are incentivized to choose a competitive provider.
Reducing or eliminating Rx costs on specialty name brand medications saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Proactive guidance and concierge service from a single point of contact makes healthcare navigation simple and effortless.

Traditional vs. Sympl

Traditional Health Insurance (without Sympl Benefits)

Alternative Healthcare Model (with Sympl Benefits)

What changes with Sympl

For employees

  • Supported by a dedicated Symplifier & team.
  • Numerous options for common healthcare services.
  • Save more money with a $0 deductible.

For HR

  • Expert benefits consultants assist employees and HR.
  • Easiest open enrollment ever with support from the Sympl team.
  • Happier employees that stay longer.

For leadership

  • Meaningful, measurable reduction in health insurance costs.
  • Detailed cost transparency and performance reports from your health insurance partner.
  • Change the healthcare landscape by providing more competitive options to employees.

The Results

Our Rx strategy on average


$ 500


Our Incentive Based Plan Designs on average


$ 500




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