What We Do

Education and empowerment is our solution to the
healthcare crisis. Our unique approach provides substantial savings by empowering employers and employees to make better informed healthcare decisions.

Lower Costs

We work directly with the member and the provider options, educating members every step of the way. This approach works with network plans and RBP plans.

Incentivized Care Means Lower Costs

When employees need care, the Sympl Benefits team provides a range of options and support at every step.
Employees can lower the cost of care for themselves and their employer by choosing a competitive provider.
Knee Replacement
Option A
Patient Responsibility
With Sympl
Sympl Provider
Patient Responsibility
The savings from offering more options and incentivizing employees to choose competitive providers results in a $0 deductible.

Rx management saves thousands of dollars

We help clients save millions of dollars on prescription drug costs through a unique and strategic cost management approach.

Do you know how much you are spending on prescription drugs?
Drug Insurance Cost Sympl Cost
Humira $65,868 $0
Tremfya $134,940 $0
Enbrel $64,560 $0
Remicade $55,392 $0

Happier Employees

Our Symplifiers assist employer members with healthcare questions, no matter how large or small. Armed with options, support, and information, members can make smarter healthcare decisions.
Open Enrollment

We want your members to contact our team for benefits enrollment questions. We can even create a dedicated enrollment line for your group!

Smart User Meetings & Member Support

Each of your members have different benefit needs. We host annual smart user meetings to show your users how to maximize their benefits.

Plan Sponsor Support

As a plan sponsor, you can use web, email, mobile, phone and text to manage your benefit plan with Sympl. Our team is here to help!

Real Results

How it works:

  1. Providers submit pricing for a common episode of care.
  2. Providers must provide credentialing information including things like readmission, infection rates and how many procedures they have performed.
  3. Pricing is compared to current health insurance costs, and if competitive we add the Provider to our database.
  4. When a patient is recommended to have a procedure, they connect with a Symplifier, who confirms the procedure, searches the marketplace, and presents the patient’s $0 cost options (like a personal shopper!)
  5. After selected, your Symplifier schedules the appointment with the Provider.

It’s really that Sympl!

Services & Strategy

By working directly with employees, we help them understand their care options with a focus on cost and quality. The result? More care options at a lower cost.

Administrative Support

Cost Savings Strategies

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