SymplCare Patient Testimonial: How We Provided Immediate Support With NO Patient Costs

Member testimonial

We help members get the help they need now, with no out-of-pocket costs. 

Our team of Symplifiers (e.g., member-facing care support specialists) helps members navigate the complex world of healthcare services, procedure codes, referrals, and billing. Recently, we were able to help Sympl Benefits member Sandra Curtis and her husband quickly access the services they needed at no cost to them. 

The result? A very happy member that’s thrilled their employer has partnered with Sympl Benefits. We sat down with Sandra to ask a few questions. 

Q: Why did you or your family member use SymplCare? What procedure was done?

“We use SympleCare through my employer. Our doctor wanted my husband to have a chest CT scan, so I emailed Heidi to see if she could help.”  

Q: How did SymplCare benefit you or your family member?

“She replied the very next day with specific instructions on how to proceed. I gave her the diagnosis/procedure codes, and Heidi found East Beltline Imaging was able to do the procedure at no out-of-pocket expense to us.” 

Q: How did the SymplCare Team make the process easier for you?

“Once we had the pre-authorization from the doctor, we were able to schedule his appointment that same week. Heidi had already called ahead and taken care of the payment.” 

Q: What was the outcome?

“My husband was very pleased with his treatment and care during the appointment. The whole process was quick, simple, and no bill for us! Heidi was wonderful to work with and if we ever need another procedure, we will definitely go through SymplCare!”


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