Working Parents Quarantine Relief – Day 10

Shrimp Wontons

Parents of six-year-old triplets coping with work/life balance during COVID-19 quarantine.

Day 10 (Friday 3/27/20)

Here’s what worked for us:

Kids cooking competition:  Hey its Friday!  As we wrapped up “virtual happy hour” with the Sympl Team, I received a text from Jay bragging about his son (Grant’s) shrimp wontons.  Sounded great, so Kyli and I accepted the challenge to make our own, even making our dough from scratch.  I’ve heard Grant’s were fried and amazing, and our baked version turned out great too.  We need to have a “Wonton-Off” tasting competition once this COVID-19 is all behind us. 

Cheers to a fun-filled weekend!


We’re still using the Independent Study Packets from  We highly recommend this resource to keep your kids sharp and engaged.  

[Download] Independent Study Packet wk 2 – 3rd Grade

[Download] Independent Study Packet wk2 – 4th Grade

[Download] Independent Study Packet wk 2 – 5th Grade

 [Download] Independent Study Packet wk2 – Kindergarten

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